• bestman Dental CT with CE
  • bestman Dental CT with CE
  • bestman Dental CT with CE

bestman Dental CT with CE

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US $ 350000 / pc

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1 pc

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Product Description

Dental CT offer with CE

E q u i p m e n t A d v a n t a g e s
Super-small focal spot size resulting in super-clear image
360° imaging providing minimum scattering image ar tifacts
The power ful rotar y anode ensures the durability of x ray generator
Greater patients are more comfor t leading to a more effective treatment.
The image is shared easily.
Precision imaging according to real 1:1 ratio
Includes safe beam restriction technology for patient safety
Optimal image regardless of adult or child spe

Te c h n o l o g i c a l A d v a n t a g e s
The optimal scanning setting and advanced reconstruction algorithm
guarantee the three-dimensional nondestructive imaging with high
resolution for occlusal sur face.
High Resolution
Super-small focal spot size resulting in super-clear image; the anatomical
structures of the jaw, mandibular canal and the temporal-mandibular joint
are clear and visible.
Low Dose
Exposure for selected angle; scanning and reconstruction only for
interested area; lower intensity x-ray generation for the purpose of reaching
low dose( around 4mA for tube current usually);
Non-overlapped Image
Display any section image in slices 0.3mm for minimum slice thickness
No Distortion
Precise 1:1 imaging. No deformation of the image
C l i n i c a l A p p l i c a t i o n
Brand new diagnose view
Bestman Instrument CBCT provides rich image information and diagnoses
tools for clinic; such methods as local section, cur ve section and threedimensional
reconstruction are guarantee for doctor ’s precise diagnose
Te c h n i c a l P a r a m e t e r L i s t
Name of par ts Specification Parameters
X ray source High-frequency, rotary anode, 89-90KV, 2.8-9mA pulsed exposure mode, focus:0.3mm
Digital detector Amorphous silicon flat panel detector
Application technology Einmal non-splicing cone beam scanning; the radiation capacity may be adjusted automatically
based on patients’ body
Emission time of x ray 3.96s
Scanning time 18s
Reconstruction time Less than 30s
Greyscale of image 16 bit
Electrical control cabinet L*w*H 700mm×1000mm×435mm
Gesture of patient Adjusting scope Axle X 60mm Axle Y 60mm Axle Z 80mm
Weight and size L*w*H 1200mm×800mm×2210mm;Weight 300KG
Software Auxiliary medical diagnose application software+DHZ Compatible with DICOM3.0 format
Power supply 220V~±10% 50HZ

Packing︰ wood box

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