Bestman Ultrasound Scanner BEU-8600

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Product Description

2-probe connectors to connect wide-band/multi-frequency convex, linear and transvaginal probes to obtain quality image in any parts of the patient;

Extensive software packages including Abdomen, OB/GYN, Urology, Cardiology, Small parts etc.,7 methods(GS,CRL,BPD,HC,AC,FL,LMP)provided for the measure of fetus age and weight, the user could measure womb, left/right ovary, indometrium, bladder, left/right kidney, prostate, left/right atrium, left/right ventricle, valve and cardium, etc. Report Page available;

Up to 3-6 obstetric measurement methods available or the user could define it by himself for specific clinical requirements;

In single B mode, enlarge the selected area by pressing down the key Zoom In. The Enlarged area will be automatically optimized or have a Picture-in-Picture display;

Cineloop: up to 500 frames, in the meantime, dozens of images could be permanently saved so that typical diseases could be gathered for further study in the future;

8-segment slider TGC and overall gain adjustment;

Backlight silicon rubber keyboard for more convenient operation;

Laser printer applicable to print out the OB/GYN, Urological, Cardiological images and reports for lowering down hospital's cost involved;

USB ports available to transfer the image or relevant data to computer. USB flash disk connectible;

Upgradable software and biopsy acupuncture functions. To freeze or defreeze the images by pressing down footswitch.

Probe: Electronic convex array, linear array, convex transvaginal probe

Frequency: 2.0-10.0 MHz

Display Mode: B, B/B, B/M, M

Gray Scales: 256

Monitor: 12" SVGA

Resolution: Lateral(horizontal) Depth≤2mm; Axial(vertical) Depth≤1mm

Max. Measurement Depth: 250mm

Zoom: ×1.0,×1.2,×1.5,×2.0

Body Marks: 38 types indicating probe positions

Image process: pre-processing, post processing(Image sharpening、interpolation), frame correlation, line correlation, histogram, DSC, 8 gamma correction, left-right conversion, up-down conversion, polarity conversion, depth scroll, edge enhancement, etc.

Various Measurement: Distance, area/perimeter, volume(ellipse method), angle, heart rate, Time, EF slope.

Extensive software packages:
Obstetrics : GS, CRL, BPD, HC, AC, FL and LMP measure EDD etc;

Gynecology: Uterus, Left/Right Ovary, Endometrial Thickness;

Urology :Bladder, Left/ Right Kidney, Prostate;

Cardiology : Left /Right Ventricle, Left Atrium, Mitral Valve, Pulmonary Valve;

Character: Date, week, time, probe frequency, frame rate, ID No., doctor name, hospital name, annotation, value, body mark, probe position, full-screen edit, character note etc.

Obstetrics, gynecology, urology, cardiology's report generated automatically

Standard Configuration:
Dimensions: 560mm(width) ×1220mm (height) ×700mm (depth)

Weight: Approx. 45kg

Main unit (1 pc), High-density multi-frequency electronic convex array probe(1 pc)

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